17th Oct, 2016

How to Get the Most Out of Google AdWords Expanded Ads

By now, you may have noticed that Google AdWords allows longer text ads to appear in search results, allowing you to create more compelling messaging for your own business. The key is to know how many characters you now have, how they will appear in your text ad, and what you can say using other features Google AdWords has to offer. In this post, we'll show you how to go beyond additional characters to make the most of your ads.


2nd Dec, 2015

Joomla! Announcement

Some important announcements came out of the Joomla! World conference held in India in November, including the news that Joomla! 3.5 is in beta.


30th Nov, 2015

Flash is Dead

Flash has served as the de facto standard for banner ads for more than a decade. But Google initiated a shift away from Flash technology when it announced that Chrome would pause Flash advertising content, effective as of September 2015.


25th Nov, 2015

Spam & Security

Spamming and website hacking is a constant threat in the digital environment, and website security is something businesses simply cannot afford to overlook.


8th Sep, 2015

Digital Smarter Ethos

In business today it’s not enough to simply ‘tick the boxes’ when it comes to digital.


26th Aug, 2015

We've Got Your Back

People often make the mistake of viewing their website as a static tool – something they can build and then forget about while it goes about generating business for them.


5th Aug, 2015

Responsive Design

You’ve probably already come across the term ‘responsive design’ – it’s all the rage in the digital world at the moment. But what does it mean, and why do you need to know about it?